Aurora Austral – Patagonia Husky


Expedition Andes Crossing with Aurora Austral Patagonia Husky

Our epic Aurora Austral Andes Crossing expedition will bring you through the high Andes mountain area, we may begin and end at different locations depending on the ever unpredictable weather and snow conditions.
You will ride your sled over the Andes mountains, ancient Araucanian forests s with amazing views of the surrounding volcanoes.
The downhills are Adrenalin filled and the uphills will often require the best on your part while you work in unison with your world class trained dog team in order to climb to the high Andes passes.
On a good day the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking, surrounded by blue skies and spectacular mountains all around you, but sometimes when the snow and wind arrive you will see nothing but the sled in front of you with next to zero visibility.

We will usually spend the night in tent, with no electricity and water either from a stream or created by us from snow.
Sometimes we will have to stop if the weather becomes extreme to put up a tent or shelter and wait for some calm.

You will be responsible for looking after and feeding your dog team, full instructions and assistance if required will be given by our professional mountain guides. Included is all the food for you and your dog team, necessary equipment and extreme weather clothing. However, it is a good idea to bring the warmest clothes you have, spare socks and underclothes. (Merino is an excellent choice)

This trip can vary from easy to physically very demanding, so a very good level of fitness is required, should you have any medical conditions that you are concerned about, please make us aware of this before booking.